Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunsets, Crocs and Margaritas

Watched another spectacular sunset sink into the ocean. Drove to the point to watch the space station make a 4 minute flight across the star filled night sky. 
Rode down a bumpy road in the back of Michaels truck for Patacones and Margaritas at Latinos. Saw a whole teak forest along the way. Snorkelled in a bay at Avellanas Beach. Got caught in a riptide and was pulled out to sea. Remembered to swim across the current. Saw the 6th generation of CRicans haul clay from the mountains and make beautiful pots. Communed with crocs and White-faced monkeys on the Palo Verde. Finished the day with a 11 pm skinny dip!

How was your boring day?? :-))

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